How to Authenticate a Credit Card?

How is a Credit Card Authenticated? Credit card validation goes a long way when it comes to businesses whose cash flows depend on customers’ credit card transactions. In this regard, there’s two important things that play a role in validating a credit card, namely, the credit card number validation and verification of the associated account … Read more

How to Buy Online Without a Credit Card: 5 Alternatives Ways

Online shopping has reached unprecedented scale all around the world as people adopt smartphones, Tablets and Internet technologies like 4G. The trend was specifically accelerated during the recent pandemic which resulted in the imposition of lockdowns in many countries, causing people to order stuff online that they would otherwise buy from a physical store. According … Read more

Can Credit Card Companies Garnish Your Social Security

Garnishment refers to a legal order allowing a third-party, usually a collection agency, to freeze and seize your assets, typically income from employment (wage-garnishment) or deposits resting in your bank account to cover for your debt after default on your credit card account. Garnishing can happen after your credit card account defaults and shut down … Read more

2 Benifits of secure Credit cards – Do You Have Secured Cr. Card

can you have more than one secured credit card

  Introduction Answer to the question how many credit cards should i apply for at once Will 2 secured credit cards help more than 1? Will Multiple Secured Credit Cards Help Build Credit?  How Many Secured Cards Should You Have to Rebuild Credit?  Can Multiple Secured Credit Cards Boost Your Credit Score Can You Have … Read more

Can you pay off student loans with a credit card: 3 Ways to Pay

Can you pay off student loans with a credit card

Can you pay off student loans with a credit card Higher education comes with quite a price tag in America and the most sought after solution to this are the student loans. Students in the US can borrow from both the federal government as well as private organizations. According to Education Data, 43.4 million Americans … Read more

3 Reasons – Why Credit Card Issuer Could Close Your Account?

3 Reasons Credit Card Accounts are Closed-min

The International Credit Card closing of your credit card account means several things and none of them sounds good. 3 Reasons Credit Card Accounts are Closed if you default, if you stop using your credit or if there’s changes in creditors’ policy or the holder’s credit score. The first reason is the worst since defaulting … Read more

What Is An International Credit Card: 4 Best Credit Cards

Introduction How do I know if my card is international? List of best International credit card  Why you should have an international credit card What Is An International Credit Card – Why should you have it? Globalization is mostly looked at by some people as socio-cultural integration of the world but at its core, it’s … Read more