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If you use a credit card and need quick access to your credit card transactions online, you’d need an online credit card account. Having an online credit card account is almost essential for a myriad of reasons. For instance, an online version of a credit card account could be critical if you often lose your physical statements. 

In other ways, it’s important if you want your statements on the go for whatever reason and can’t wait for a mail order or if you want to keep track of your transactions. Fortunately, virtually all creditors provide online access to your credit card account and for good reason, no one can ignore the internet in this day and age. 

Creating Online Credit Card Account

To have online access to your credit card transactions, statements and other data, you’d have to create an online account with your credit card issuer’s website. To do this, simply check out the back of your credit card. There, you’d see the web address which you can visit to create your account. 

Alternatively, or if it isn’t there, you can get the address from your card’s physical statement. Simply visit the address, follow the instructions, put in the required information and you should be able to register the account. You might not need to do that if you obtained your credit card from your bank, in which case, you can access your credit account through your bank account in all likelihood. If you still don’t get it, you can call the customer service to get the online address.

After you log in to your account, you should be able to see all the essential information related to your credit card such as individual transactions history, billing statements for specific periods, available credit, minimum payment due and remaining time in the next billing cycle etc. 

To check your transactions online, simply go to Transaction History or Transaction Details (The precise wording could vary based on your creditor) after you log in to your account. After you select the tab or option for your transaction history, you’d be directed to the online log of your transactions and in almost all cases, you can sort your transaction history based on which transactions were completed, those which are still pending as well as those that were declined. 

A transaction that is pending simply means it hasn’t yet been added to your account balance. This may be because you made the transaction outside of your credit card issuer’s business hours or if the merchant you did business with, requested authorization to ensure you have enough funds available for payment. 

Additionally, Hotels or car rental services may require card pre-authorization to guarantee payment for the purpose of bookings. These will show on your account as pending transactions or holds, even if you pay with some other method.

On the other hand, declined transactions are simply failed transactions where either the payment gateway, payment processor or the creditor didn’t allow for the transaction to complete. This happens for reasons you can check out here

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